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Different Types of Light Fixtures

There are many different types of light fixtures. Sometimes it can be hard to tell which is which and what goes best in different rooms. This post will help you understand the differences and give you picture inspiration on styling these different fixtures. 

We will start with ceiling lights. Ceiling lights are, of course, lights that are installed into your ceiling. Within this category are many different kinds of fixtures. 

Chandeliers. Most people know what chandeliers are. Often, we think of the chandeliers in elegant ballrooms or multi-million dollar homes. We usually recommend chandeliers for family/living rooms, master bedrooms, and dining rooms. However, there are multiple sizes you can choose from. Scroll down to see the different sizes.

Large Chandeliers-Typically have a width of around 45” with a length of around 55”. 

Mid-Size Chandeliers-Usually run around 30” w by 30” high. 


Mini Chandeliers-Usually run around 20" wide by 20" high 

Pendants. Pendants come in two sizes on our website: mini and regular size. Regular-sized pendants are listed under “pendants” on Lighting Design's site. Pendants are typically single lights that hang with some sort of chain or wire. Lighting Design customers often use pendants in their kitchens. Mini pendants can work in bathrooms or smaller kitchens.

Regular-sized Pendants

Mini Pendants

Ceiling Mounts. Ceiling mounts are separated into two categories: flush and semi-flush mounts. Their names make it pretty easy to differentiate the two. Flush mounts are flush with the ceiling meaning they lay flat. Semi-flush mounts are somewhat flush and usually hang down from the ceiling a few inches. 

Luckily, mounts tend to be fairly versatile.  The styling and placement are ultimately up to your tastes.

Flush Mounts

Semi-flush Mounts

Lanterns. Lanterns are most commonly used in hallways and kitchens. Though usually if you see a lantern-style fixture in a kitchen it is a linear lantern. This just means it is longer than the height. Hallway lanterns can range from 15”-45” in height and stay around the 20”-30” range for width. Linear lanterns go well over tables and islands and can pull together a kitchen look and average about 55" in length/width. Below you can see different types of lanterns in different spaces. 

Entryway Lantern

Linear Lantern

Next up is wall lightingWall lights are lights that you would install in your walls. For this purpose, we separate them into a few categories: sconces, bathroom lighting, and picture lighting. 

Sconces. Sconces are an extremely versatile fixture type. They are fairly popular right now and can be used in just about every part of your house from bathrooms to hallways to living rooms to bedrooms to kitchens. The official definition of a sconce is, “a candle holder that is attached to a wall with an ornamental bracket.” (Thank you Oxford Dictionary). Of course, in modern times, the candler holder is usually a fixture of some sort with a light bulb. Swingarm sconces can also be included in this category and are being used for bedrooms and kitchens alike.

Bathroom Sconce

Swingarm Sconce

Bathroom Lighting. Bathroom lighting typically is styled in a bath “bar” where two to four lights are fixed together on a type of metal bar. It can be hard to tell online what size your bathroom will need. Always measure the space it will be going in before you make your purchase. The average bathroom in an average home usually won’t need a fixture bigger than three lights.

Three Light Bath Light

Four Light Bath Light

Picture Lighting. You probably guessed it, picture lighting is used to illuminate pictures! Picture lights are a great way to draw attention to pictures or artwork you want to show off. They can also be very decorative in a room and make a space pop. Picture lights typically range from 15”-25” in width and are slimmer not more than 5”-10” in height. 

Picture Light

Exterior Lights. Outdoor lights come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are various categories on our website including wall mounts, sconces, hanging lights, chandeliers, ceiling mounts, wall flush mounts, pier heads, and landscape lighting. For our purposes, we will categorize exterior lights into exterior wall lights, exterior ceiling lights, and landscape lighting. 

Exterior wall lights usually go around front/back doors and garages. Exterior ceiling lights are most often found in the hutch that goes over the front door and can be a great alternative to front door exterior wall mounts as well as a great addition. Landscape lighting is helpful for steps, walkways, and landscape features. 

Exterior Wall Mounts

Exterior Ceiling Lights

Exterior Landscape Lighting

That's all for now! Hopefully, this blog showed you the differences between light fixtures and gave you some inspiration on how to style them.

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