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How To Measure Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is every bit as important as indoor lighting. As is getting the correct measurements. Scroll down to check out our easy-to-understand outdoor lighting visuals!

When measuring for two outdoor sconces, you will want to place the fixtures on either side of the door and hang at eye level. This is also known as 60”-65” from the middle of the fixture to the bottom of your door. Ideally, your fixtures will be ¼ the height of the door. Pictured here is Generation Lighting’s Lumiere Outdoor Lantern.

If you are only using one outdoor sconce, you will still want to hang it at eye level, or 60”-65”. To ensure the spread of light, with just one sconce, make sure the fixture is 1/3 the size of the door. Pictured here is Capital Lighting’s Monroe Wall Light

 Hanging lights are another popular way to incorporate outdoor lighting. When using a hanging light, we recommend to hang it so the bottom of the fixture is 6” above the door. The fixture itself should be 1/5 the height of the door. Pictured here is Maxim’s Sentry Hanging Lantern.

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