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Semi-flush mount on a ceiling

When to Use a Flush Mount vs a Semi-Flush Mount vs a Chandelier

Finding the right light fixture for your space can be a difficult task. Many smaller bedrooms, living rooms, etc. have only one spot for a light. This makes finding the right light for your room all the more important.

The first thing to consider when deciding between flush mount lights, semi-flush mounts, or chandeliers is room size. Generally, you can figure out how big your chandelier should be for your room by adding the room's length and width together and converting it to inches. For example, a 12x10 room would need about a 22" wide chandelier or light fixture.

However, if you have a smaller bedroom or room (think 180-224 sq ft), flush mounts or semi-flush mount light fixtures may be the way to go. Additionally, you'll want to think about your room's ceiling height. Lighting Design typically recommends leaving at least seven feet of space between the bottom of your ceiling light fixture to your floor. This ensures that your lighting won't block the room view or be in the way when walking. For 8 ft ceilings or lower, flush mount or semi-flush mount lights will probably be the best choice due to their shorter heights. 

Drum shade flush mount hanging in a living room

The Fulton Ceiling Mount from Crystorama was the perfect choice for this living room as its ceiling was about 9 ft and there was a good amount of light coming from the windows. 

Another factor to consider is how much light you need in your room. Lower profile lights such as flush/semi-flush mounts can give off a pretty decent amount of light, but more often they max out at about three light bulbs. For larger rooms, a chandelier may be optimal depending on the amount of light needed. Chandeliers are a great option because they usually have many light bulbs and can give off the appropriate amount of light needed in larger rooms. 

Finally, when deciding between these kinds of ceiling light fixtures, you'll want to think about the interior style you want. If you have a very specific style in mind, a chandelier that fits or complements this style should be used. Chandeliers can offer more variety in style and size than other lights. This Potter Chandelier from Currey and Company is the perfect example of chandelier placement. It stands out as an art piece while providing sufficient light and melding the modern and chic interior design in this home office.

Black home office with large gold round chandelier hanging over the desk

Design by Christie Lewis Interiors

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