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The Importance of Curb Appeal and Exterior Lighting Fixtures | Lighting Design Store

The Importance of Curb Appeal and Exterior Lighting Fixtures

With summer fading and fall making itself known; it’s time to get your home ready for the new season. Before winter is in full force, fall is the perfect time to knock off any exterior home projects from your to-do list.

Whether you’re wanting to update your home's exterior to your own preferences or for future resale, curb appeal is important. When planning to resell your home, an attractive view of your house from the road can help sell your home and extend both your property value and your neighborhood’s value.

Lighting Design Blog: The Importance of Curb Appeal and Exterior Lighting Fixtures

After talking with Luke Zander from Zander Real Estate, a reputable Salt Lake-based real estate firm, he related curb appeal to falling in love.

“Buying a home is like falling in love,” he said. “What’s on the inside is what truly matters, but first impressions matter too.”

Adding Curb Appeal To Your Home

A simple and inexpensive way to boost your home’s curb appeal is through updated exterior lighting fixtures.

A well-designed exterior lighting scene can add new interesting design elements while also highlighting your home’s existing architecture and landscape. All of this can be easily achieved through the mixture of wall mounts, sconces, path lighting, post lighting, landscape lighting, and ceiling/hanging light fixtures.

Types of Exterior Lighting

Wall-lights and sconces are often used on porches, patios, and garages. During a recent collaboration, we used the Atwater Sconce by Troy Lighting as the perfect addition to an already beautiful home.

Troy Lighting Atwater One Light Wall Sconce in Vintage Brass

A great post or pier mount light can be used to frame walkways, driveways, or patios. Post lights are made to be mounted on top of a post while pier mounted lighting is intended to be installed on top of columns or walls. Path lighting on the other hand, is used to line walkways, driveways, or patios.

Ceiling and hanging light fixtures should be used under covered areas like patios and porches. When used, a ceiling or hanging light will not only provide additional light to a space, but a beautiful addition to any porch or patio.

Landscape, or accent lighting, is best when used in gardens or landscaping. When used in conjunction with the above, landscape lighting is a simple way to add layers and depth to your home’s exterior.

You can view our complete collection of exterior fixtures here to jump-start your fall to-do list.

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