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Vendor Spotlight: Hinkley | Lighting Design Store

Vendor Spotlight: Hinkley

This month we are excited to honor Hinkley Lighting — one of our most popular and prized vendors!

Hinkley Lighting Inc. was founded in 1922 by Phil R. Hinkley. The small company first got its start selling residential lanterns out of Cleveland Ohio. A decade later, Phil Hinkley contracted tuberculosis and sold half of his beloved company to traveling salesman, Stanley Wiedemer. 

In 1937, Hinkley passed away and Weidemer purchased the remaining half of the company. Three decades later, Weidemers grandson, Richard Wiedemer, became interested in his grandfather’s business and started work on the factory floor. After moving through every department available, Richard became passionate about every aspect of Hinkley Lighting Inc. Eventually, he was able to take leadership of the company and grew Hinkley Lighting to be one of the world’s leaders in residential lighting.

After an inspiring 50 year career, Richard Wiedmer passed away in 2019 after sustaining a traumatic head injury following a fall. Being a fourth-generation family company, Richard’s three children are committed to fulfilling their father’s vision for the company and ensuring its future success.

On September 17, 2019, Richard Weidemer was inducted into the American Lighting Association Hall of Fame. There, he was celebrated for both his career accomplishments and beloved character.

After 100 years in business, Hinkley Lighting Inc. recently took on a new name: Hinkley. 

Through thoughtful design and creativity, Hinkley still remains one of the world’s greatest lighting vendors.

Thank you Hinkley for the impactful story and fun photos!

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