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Why Buy a Fan From a Small Business

Why Buy a Fan From a Small Business

Small businesses try their hardest to get you the best price for the quality of the fan you are getting.  Buying a fan from a small business means the attention to detail during the manufacturing process is better than the mass-manufactured fans that are typically made to be shipped internationally. Since box chain ceiling fans are more cheaply made they almost always die after the warranty of 2-5 years. Ceiling fan warranties from a small business are typically limited lifetime. They are also made to fit your style and have a motor that will last longer.  


60``CEILING FAN in Metallic Matte Bronze by Hinkley from the Artiste collection


With ceiling fans, there are what we call “builder grades.” Typically, smaller business and lighting showrooms sell grades one and two. Box chain stores will often sell grade three. Grade three ceiling fans are made to be bare bones so they can produce mass quantities at low prices. Because of this box chain ceiling fans often have a smaller motor which usually results in lower airflow, nosier fans, and wobbling blades.

Here are some of our favorite Hunter Ceiling Fans. 

72” Matte Black from the Solaria Collection

52” Blush Pink from the Cranbrook Collection

52” Matte Sliver from the Cassius Collection

52” Modern Brass from the Vivien Collection

Something that customers tend to forget when shopping for a ceiling fan is everything that goes into buying the perfect fan for your space. For example, knowing if your ceiling is vaulted, on a slope, will make a huge difference in the type of ceiling fan and parts you buy. Sloped ceilings require a fan that is compatible or parts that will allow the ceiling fan canopy to sit flush with the ceiling. 

One of our strengths as a small business is our drive for the best customer service. Our staff is well trained in how to help you pick the best options for your home and are always ready to help. We try to provide quick and personal service that some big retailers just can't provide. 

Compatible fans or sloped ceiling kits can be difficult to source at box chain stores due to a sometimes overwhelming selection or confusing purchasing process. When shopping with a small business like Lighting Design, these are some of the first questions we ask as you walk in the door so we can ensure you get the best ceiling fan for your space.


99``CEILING FAN in Metallic Matte Bronze by Hinkley from the Indy Maxx collection

Box chain fans are great because they are easily accessible and widely available. However, because they are so available, a lot of homeowners are buying the same ceiling fan. 

When it comes to ceiling fans there are so many options. You can get ceiling fans without lights, industrial ceiling fans, and ceiling fans with a remote. And then there is the matter of style. Do you want a rustic ceiling fan with wood textures, or do you want a more modern and sleek ceiling fan? Buying from a small business means you are getting a unique ceiling fan that is perfectly tailored for your home needs.  Rest assured that you don't have the same fan as everybody else in the neighborhood!

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