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7 Things You Can Do When Renting to Make a House a Home

7 Things You Can Do When Renting to Make a House a Home

More and more renting has become more common for families and individuals.  Due to either high interest rates, or rising costs of living many people feel that renting is their best option. There are many benefits to renting such as not having to pay for repairs or worry about many of the potential headaches that can come with home ownership. However, some people feel restricted because they feel as though they can't make changes to the property. Below are seven rental hacks that will make your house or apartment feel like a home.*

1. Removable wallpaper. Wallpaper can be an excellent way to add design, color, and or texture to your walls without committing to paint. Plus, many landlords don't allow tenants to paint their walls. Use peel & stick removable wallpaper for your projects. The best tips for peel & stick wallpaper removal are to go slow and use a razor blade. The razor blade will help you peel the wallpaper off and going slow will help your drywall not to come off with it.

2. Switch out light fixtures. Swapping out light fixtures may be one of the best and easiest upgrades when renting. Let's face it, a lot of rentals come with boob lights. There is almost nothing better than replacing a boob light with a more attractive flush mount or chandelier. Upgrading your lighting is easier than you may think. We have a great guide on How to Change a Light Fixture. Once you're ready to move out, you can put the old lighting back. 

3. Hang art or pictures. Don't be afraid to hang decorative items such as art pieces or pictures when renting. There are several great command hook options for hanging art or pictures in rentals. But you can also go for the classic screw and stud method. Once you move out, you can pick up a wall repair patch kit for $10-$15 at your local hardware store. Screw and nail holes are very minor repairs that don't take much time. Check out some of our best-selling wall art to get started on making your apartment feel like a home. 

4. Add rugs. While you may not be able to replace carpet or flooring in your apartment or rental home, rugs can make you feel like you have upgraded floors. As a bonus, rugs protect the floors of the place you are renting. Area rugs are great for living/family rooms or main areas. Add a runner to your kitchen or hallway for warmth and personality in these spaces.

5. Use multi-purpose storage. If there is anything apartment dwellers and renters can commiserate on, it's the lack of storage in their spaces. While a good cleaning can often help relieve clutter, it's not always possible to clean or get rid of everything. Using benches or coffee tables with storage can help your home feel a lot bigger when items like blankets or home accessories are hidden. 

6. Hang curtains. Curtains are like makeup for your living space. A good set of curtains enhances the beauty of your home by adding an elegant touch. They can also make low ceilings feel taller. A helpful tip for hanging curtains is to hang them at least six inches higher than the window. This will ensure a taller feel to the room.

7. Put up a mirror. There are several benefits to hanging mirrors in your home. First, mirrors create an illusion of space. Mirrors can also add a focal point to a room. And finally, they can actually help bounce light around a room making the room feel brighter and happier.

*Always check your contract before making any changes to your rental. 

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